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February 2015

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BloodLoss: Hey, Wuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup and a Happy Tday to Ya'll
BrainStorm: Ok, I added the send button to this chat box for all the old farts that need it ! :D
BloodLoss: Thanks Buddy ... I am sure Jay will appreciate it.
BrainStorm: Be carefull out there in the stores on black friday !!
BrainStorm: I'll be busy this weekend. So not available untill Sunday night. Have fun !!
BrainStorm: New things to try tonight...!!! 20H00
BrainStorm: Check out the forums, I`ve got a topic on the new DOB_Streetfixed map.
PIZZA Margherita: jooooo amigos tomorrow i try @ home ...new ip adress etc see ya guys soon ...ciaooo ...see ya eat some pizza Margherita!! :D
BrainStorm: All right now, he've got two new maps in rotation. {DOB}Streetfixed_day and {DOB}Streetfixed_Night
jay gatsby: Whats up guys be back on line after the 1st. Server looks good happy Holliday, cant wait try new maps
BrainStorm: For those of you that would like to connect to our Teamspeak server and join us for some fun check this page for all the details «link»
Roly: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone :)
BrainStorm: Happy New Year everyone :D
jay gatsby: Happy New Year . Be back in battle soon! :)
BrainStorm: Well , Happy Brithday Jay. See you then. :-*
Bill Clements: Elite Warriors COD1 Server closed.
Bill Clements: Many thanks to our DOB friends!
PIZZA Margherita: heey mi amigos i found the ts channel
PIZZA Margherita: but how i put the server adress??
PIZZA Margherita: can somebody help me??
PIZZA Margherita: saludos..my friends :)
BrainStorm: hey Pizza, look at this article I made on how to configure Teamspeak, «link» :-*
BrainStorm: Once clicked, read down, check the print screens, easy stuff.
BloodLoss: I am thinking about being in game tonight at midnight ... to celebrate the new year by shooting the BAR into the sky, making lots of noise. Happy New Year !
BrainStorm: Happy New Year everyone !
BrainStorm: Modern Weapons mod is back ONLINE !
PIZZA Margherita: yeah amigos ..i got everything again
PIZZA Margherita: see ya guys soon think tomorrow im in game!!
PIZZA Margherita: :) 8)
BrainStorm: Nice to see you guys, Ron, Griff !!
tomhanks: hi all
BrainStorm: Hey there..
BrainStorm: Heya !! :_(
BrainStorm: Map rotation has been updated !
BrainStorm: Redirect link has been fixed !!
BrainStorm: With the kids this weekend, kinda busy, see ya Sunday night.

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